From Shannon, mom of Margaret Norah, born January 2010

Dear Meredith,

From the very beginning you had confidence in my ability to have the baby.  As the pregnancy continued, you always listened to me, without judgment, and never once did I feel that I had to prove to you how I was taking care of myself or my baby.  You just trusted me.  I knew I needed to talk to you about my fears, and through our conversation, it was as if you opened the door for me to take charge of my body and baby.  I felt so empowered.  An amazing gift.  When I called to tell you I was in labor you were excited, and when you came to the house you gave me a kiss and told me I was doing fantastic.  It may seem so small to you,  just the way you are and do things, but it meant so much to me.  When I started pushing, you hadn't checked me and I remember thinking, "she hasn't checked me, I'm pushing and she doesn't seem too she just trusting me?"  After all the work and conversations we had, old fear crept up still and you kept your word, still trusting me to do it on my own.  You always put the power back in my hands, walking with me not leading me.  Thank you.  The work leading up to, and the birth of Maggie has made me a mother.  Yes, I was a mother before, but now I feel stronger and more confident in a way I never have before.  The trust you instilled in me from the very beginning allowed me to find the trust within myself to become a mother again, fully and without doubt.  That is the best gift anyone could ask for.