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Motherland Midwifery is a homebirth midwifery practice based in Philadelphia, PA. We work closely with a small number of families in the Greater Philadelphia Region and South Jersey who share our trust in birth as a natural process. Each expectant parent receives personalized care from a midwifery team that includes Motherland Midwifery owner Christy Santoro, another midwife or trained birth assistant and an apprentice. We give information, resources, love and support for  families to make informed decisions about their pregnancy, birth and parenting journey. We provide a full spectrum of family-centered prenatal, birth and postpartum care.

Midwife means “with woman” not “doing something to woman.” Pregnancy is not a disease, and birth is not a medical event. In our ideal role as midwives during labor and birth, we do very little because in fact, birth is designed to work in case no one but the mother is there. The work of the midwife is to know when to “not do” and to simply be present to bear witness to the strength and capabilities of the person giving birth as well as to hold the space and provide support and reassurance to allow the natural, wonderfully designed process to unfold, interceding only when truly necessary.

*NOTE: Motherland Midwifery has a new office! After 13 years of a home office, Christy is now seeing clients out of a beautiful, cozy space at 1214 Moore Street, right off East Passyunk Avenue!

Our Services

Pregnancy & Childbirth

We provide traditional holistic midwifery care for families during the childbearing year.

Family Centered Midwifery Care

We provide traditional holistic midwifery care for families during the childbearing year.

Working with Motherland Midwifery isn’t just about the preparing for the planned homebirth, but rather engaging as partners in a different model of care for your prenatal, birth and postpartum experience.

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Schedule of Services

During Your Pregnancy Birth & Postpartum

We love to work with families for as much of their pregnancy as possible! Many families come to meet with us before they are even pregnant so that the relationship can begin as early as possible after finding out their good news, others come to our practice much later in the pregnancy when they realize they are looking for more personal and holistic care.

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Who We Are

Your Birth Team

In pregnancy, most people experience great physical, emotional, social and spiritual changes, and it is our intention to support pregnant individuals and families in this time of transformation. As midwives, we offer our skills, experience and loving attention as well as our deep trust in and respect for birth.

Christy Santoro CPM

Christy Santoro CPM

Owner, Primary Midwife

Christy is the owner and primary midwife at Motherland Midwifery. With over 15 years of experience serving women, she brings wisdom that has informed her perspective that, “midwifery is the center of the wheel that connects most of what I want my life and learning to be about: it is an art and a science, focused on relationships, very personal and intimate with a tangible impact on people’s lives as well as very community oriented, holistic, political, spiritual, sacred, counter-cultural, ancient, women-centered, and physical.”
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Marqui Taylor, Student Midwife, Doula

Marqui Taylor, Student Midwife, Doula

Student Midwife

 Marqui is a West Philadelphia mother and Student Midwife at Birthwise Midwifery School. As a writer, artist and birth worker she is deeply invested in the beauty, the variety, and the needs of birthing people from all spaces of life. Native to Philadelphia, Marqui has had the opportunity to support birthing persons in Baltimore, DC, and Philadelphia since 2012.
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The Motherland Community

The Motherland Community

Current, past and potential future client families, grandparents, doulas, birth assistants and more!

The birth is just the beginning! The knowledge, skills and confidence you gain by being an engaged, active participant in your pregnancy care and birth will serve you well as you embark on your parenting journey. Having the continued support of your midwives and a diverse community of families who made similar choices for their pregnancy and birth, can make a huge difference as you move forward beyond the “fourth trimester” and your official end of care with our practice.
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Client Testimonials

Love Notes

from Motherland Families

  • I wish all medical practitioners offered such personal, attentive and informative care as Motherland Midwifery. Christy was a calm presence throughout my pregnancy. Prenatal visits were on time and as thorough as I could hope for. I felt comfortable asking about anything and confident that I received unbiased answers so I could make informed choices.


  • I truly consider having my babies at home with Christy as one of the greatest blessings of my life. The care she gave to me, my babies and my husband during pregnancy, labor and in the weeks afterwards was everything I could ask for; knowledgeable, comprehensive, accessible and open-hearted.


  • When a woman who believes in herself and then surrounds herself with people, like Christy, who believe in birth and believe in her— the beauty that comes from it is magical


  • Christy is a breath of fresh air for anyone wanting a home birth. She and her team were kind, loving, supportive and empowering. I enjoyed my prenatal care knowing I would be encouraged to make my own choices and be supported while doing so.


  • After two hospital births I knew that I wanted to have my third child in our home. Despite my desire to have a homebirth I was blown away by the stark difference in care I received while pregnant, during labor and delivery, and postpartum.


  • I came to Christy as a scared, confused, soon-to-be single mother and she not only helped me through my pregnancy and home-birthing process, but her knowledge and dedication also transformed me into a confident and successful mother.


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