"This is my first pregnancy and as a patient in one of the big Philly university OB practices, I had top notch docs but they view pregnancy and birth as a medical condition rather than a natural process. I started Christy's supplementary holistic prenatal care in my second trimester and can't stop saying how grateful I am to have her as part of my care team. She suggested natural remedies to help minimize symptoms of indigestion, allergies and restless leg syndrome, all of which were making it very hard to sleep. After reviewing my labs, she also offered simple tweaks to my prenatal vitamins and nutrition to help me take even better care of my little guy. She also helped connect us with an ideal doula and transition to a midwife-based practice that is more in line with the natural active birth my husband and I are preparing for. Christy's decades of experience have made her an invaluable (or should I say the most valuable) member of my care team.”