Christy's guidance and support for our postpartum period were invaluable- thanks to her, we took time to think about how we wanted our first weeks to feel and we were better prepared to take care of me in addition to our son. Christy's visits and availability to answer questions about my healing and Sam's progress were enormously helpful and comforting. Our first weeks home with Sam would have been bewildering and more challenging without her support.



"I started Christy's supplementary holistic prenatal care in my second trimester and can't stop saying how grateful I am to have her as part of my care team. She suggested natural remedies to help minimize symptoms of indigestion, allergies and restless leg syndrome, all of which were making it very hard to sleep. After reviewing my labs, she also offered simple tweaks to my prenatal vitamins and nutrition to help me take even better care of my little guy. She also helped connect us with an ideal doula and transition to a midwife-based practice that is more in line with the natural active birth my husband and I are preparing for. Christy's decades of experience have made her an invaluable (or should I say the most valuable) member of my care team.”



"Christy is kind and professional in her care, and as first-time parents we were particularly grateful for her postpartum support.  Before our baby’s birth, she helped us plan how to function well both physically and emotionally with a newborn in the house. Having her come by for home visits was such a relief—she answered our questions, checked baby and me, and offered breastfeeding advice.  This “babymoon” was a restful time for our little family and helped us transition smoothly into life with our baby boy."



"Christy is a breath of fresh air [...]. She and her team were kind, loving, supportive and empowering. I enjoyed my prenatal care knowing I would be encouraged to make my own choices and be supported while doing so."



"I truly consider having my babies at home with Christy as one of the greatest blessings of my life. The care she gave to me, my babies and my husband during pregnancy, labor and in the weeks afterward was everything I could ask for; knowledgeable, comprehensive, accessible and open-hearted."



"I came to Christy as a scared, confused, soon-to-be single mother and she not only helped me through my pregnancy and home-birthing process, but her knowledge and dedication also transformed me into a confident and successful mother."



"I wish all medical practitioners offered such personal, attentive and informative care as Motherland Midwifery. Christy was a calm presence throughout my pregnancy. Prenatal visits were on time and as thorough as I could hope for. I felt comfortable asking about anything and confident that I received unbiased answers so I could make informed choices."