Welcome Lilianna May!

(It has been awhile since I've been able to post birth stories-- I'm about 13 births behind as I've been so busy catching babies and doing midwifery political advocacy work-- but hope to get a bunch up soon!-thanks for your patience!)

Kristen and Jude were expecting their first baby the end of January. Besides moving to a new (and lovely) home in Manyunk partway through the pregnancy, their little family was faced with the challenge that Jude injured his leg and was on crutches for the last several months of the pregnancy and into the birth and postpartum. But this sweet couple took it all in stride and prepared for life with a little one.




Kristen's labor began in the middle of the night and steadily intensified over the course of the day. By late afternoon the contractions were very, very strong and Kristen's friend Alais came to do some Cranialsacral Therapy to help her move through it and support both Kristen and the baby. Kristen was progressing but slowly and some concerns arose over her Blood Pressure, the baby's heart rate and meconium in the fluid so we made the decision together to transfer to Pennsylvania Hospital. The rest of Kristen's labor and the birth were a great example of how the judicious use of an epidural and pitocin can be so effective and helpful in preserving having a vaginal birth. Kristen was so strong and steady throughout and Jude (God Bless Him hopping around the hospital room on one-foot!) and Kristen's sister and Cranialsacral Therapist Alais were also great support. Once Kristen got some rest and the pitocin was started things progressed quickly.


In fact at one point when the baby dropped quickly into the pelvis her heartrate dropped. At first there was concern but then we realized it was head compression as this baby girl was ready to be born! Kristen pushed amazingly effectively and Lilianna May Alvarez was born on January 26, 2012 after just 30 minutes of pushing! She weighed in at 6lb 10z and was (and is!) cute as a button.

Congratulations to this sweet family!