Welcome Julian Felix!

Liz and Jared were due on 11/11/11- what a cool due date! As some blood pressure concerns arose the end of pregnancy Liz was super diligent about nutritional and alternative ways to help keep her BP under control. She went into labor the night of 11/9. It was a hard labor pattern and her body had a difficult time keeping anything down as the surges came. When her water broke and there was pretty thick meconium in the fluid and we were still in the first part of labor, we all decided the hospital was the safest place to be and knew Liz could benefit from IV fluids since she was nauseous and throwing up too. Baby Julian Felix was born Wednesday November 10th weighing in at 8lb 11oz.

He was such a cutie with a lot of hair and just plain adorable! Julian spent a week in the NICU due to respiratory concerns that the doctors thing were due to an infection that developed during her labor. Liz recovered beautifully and was soon able to nurse her son and was very calm and present with him through it all. He went home at a week old healthy and strong and an amazing breastfeeding baby!