from Sarah & Scott, parents of Sylvia, born November 2007

Big sister Sienna with baby Sylvia and their parents hours after the birth! Having Christy as our midwife was a true blessing in our life. We immediately felt listened to and cared for by Christy during our initial consultation, and this type of care continued throughout our pregnancy, birth, and postpartum periods. After choosing Christy as our midwife, I started sharing the news of having a homebirth, and working with Christy. Almost everyone I told who knew Christy was so happy for us, telling us how they felt she was such an amazing person who was full of integrity, and who also walked her talk. This is exactly what we felt, and experienced from Christy. We were full of "issues" during our pregnancy and postpartum period, and Christy guided us through them gracefully with her patience, knowledge, and innate wisdom. I have to say that all of her recommendations were right on. During our birth she was very present, and open to making our experience be just the way we wanted it. She had no agenda but to be open to doing what we needed and requested during the birth, and was again great at being in tune with what we needed from moment to moment in order to get our baby out. I feel we could write a chapter on Christy and what she means to us, and how she helped us throughout our pregnancy, birth and postpartum period. She is integrity, love, joy, openess, and just plain amazing at what she does. We would hands down use Christy again, and highly recommend her to anyone interested in having homebirth. You, your family, and your baby will be in good hands.

~Sarah & Scott, Parents to Sienna, 7, and Sylvia 8 months