from Brandi, mom of Sayer, born July 2007

Curran listening to her baby brother in mom's belly. We chose to have a homebirth for our third child for so many reasons I would need a book to explain them all. Having had this beautiful experience and reflecting upon it on my son’s first birthday has given me new clarity on our choice. For me, creating life is awe-inspiring and profoundly humbling all in the same breath. As a vessel for this miracle I believe it is my responsibility and honor to bring life into the world in the most serene, secure and nurturing environment as possible. For my older children, both girls, I also wanted to give to them the opportunity to be present to welcome their brother into the world. Beyond being present, I wanted to offer to them a vision of birth uncomplicated and interrupted by the outside world. I wanted them to understand that the exhausting, arduous and exhilarating journey of birth is not scary, unknown or something to fear. My oldest daughter, Curran, who was five at the time of Sayer’s birth, said to me the morning after, “Mommy, you were like a tiger hunting for food.” It was incredible to realize that she saw in her mommy such strength. Sayer entered the world with grace and a sense of tranquility that is still present with him on a daily basis. I believe that has to do with who he is and how he came into the world. When a woman who believes in herself and then surrounds herself with people, like Christy, who believe in birth and believe in her— the beauty that comes from it is magical.

Minutes before giving birth--look at that bulging bag of waters!

Sayer at 6 weeks!