Fast & furious first time labor!

Maria had been at my house at 5 pm on November 14th so I could check on the baby's heartbeat. She was around 41 weeks and we just were making sure the baby was moving ok and still happy being on the inside. Maria had been at acupuncture earlier in the afternoon. As she was leaving my house at 5:30 pm she started to have a few contractions. We joked about the baby coming in the next few hours as my mom who was my childcare had just left (since Maria was my only client in her birthing window, was a first-time mom and wasn't in labor) and Martin wasn't going to be home for a few hours. Maria got home and sure enough contractions picked up. By the time her husband Matt was home from work at 6:30 pm she was having contractions every 6-8 minutes. Within an hour they were coming every 5 minutes and super strong and I got ready to head over. As I was packing up my car Matt called saying he thought Maria was pushing! Ahh! I was delayed a couple blocks from my house when I apparently -with the surge of adrenaline - didn't exactly stop for a stop sign and had to explain to the police I was racing to catch a baby. Thankfully they waved me on and  I arrived, parked illegally and ran up the three flights of steps to find Maria in the midst of a furiously strong contraction and sure enough sounding like she was pushing! Matt asked me if he should fill the tub and I told him it was way too late for that! Maria remembers after I said that there was a pause during which Matt realized the birth was happening NOW! Exciting!  I did a quick check and she was 10 cm with a bulging bag of waters. Maria was amazing! Matt exclaimed- "What a Motherland Mama you are!" in his excitement and was so sweet and supportive. Maria moved to the birth stool and began pushing began in earnest. Janeyne was on her way and arrived just before the baby was born.What an exciting and unexpectedly rapid labor!

8lb 4oz Anders Paolo was born at 9:57 pm- less than 5 hours after Maria left my house having no more than sporadic short contractions--wow! Talk about fast and furious! Daddy Matt was very impressed shouting "This is the most awesome birth ever!" Congratulations to this sweet family!