Brother Bear is Born!

Marni and Tray Duffy welcomed Ryder Doyle, affectionately known as "Brother Bear" by  big sisters Sage and Fern, into the world late Sunday night October 11, 2010. After waiting patiently going past her "due date" for the first time, Marni powerfully and gently birthed her big 8lb boy into water into the waiting hands of dad and midwife. It was an intimate little circle of love and support for this little being. I'll never forget the ear-to-ear beaming smile that emerged on Marni's face when she reached down and felt her son's head crowning and knew the moment of birth was near! So beautiful! He started nursing right away and hasn't stopped already 5 oz above birth weight at 3 days old! Welcome to the world Ryder!

Welcome to the world Ryder!