Birth Story--Cheyenne, mom of Josiah, born June 2010

You’re pregnant after 17 years, are you crazy, wow! These were typical comments made to us when people found out we were expecting.

Jim and I tried for many years to get pregnant and finally, with the help of Natural IVF, I was pregnant. I knew from the start I wanted to give birth at home. After doing a lot of research, Jim and I made an appointment with Christy for a consultation. After meeting with Christy, we both felt confident that Christy and Meredith would do a great job as our midwives.

Besides some funky rashes, weird head spins, and a fibroid, my pregnancy progressed along smoothly. My due date came and went. In the early morning hours of June 27, I was having contractions. Because I had been having Braxton Hicks on and off since I was 16 weeks pregnant, I wasn’t sure if they were the real deal. I was able to sleep through the night and woke up and got ready for church. During the service, contractions started back up again. I asked my daughter to start timing on her cell phone. The contractions weren’t consistent so I still wasn’t sure if this was it. We left church, went home and ate lunch as usual. Around 1pm contractions started again. This time Jim started timing. I could tell now that this was for real. The contractions were mild and coming about every 8 to 10 minutes apart. Jim wanted to call Meredith but I told him I wanted to wait a little while longer. At 2pm I called Meredith and told her pains were still fairly mild and last 2 contractions were 5 minutes apart but still seemed irregular. We decided to give it another hour to see if things would get into a regular pattern. 40 minutes later Jim was on the phone with Meredith. He told her contractions were definitely more intense and 1 to 3 minutes apart. Jim was a little nervous because of all the stories he had been told about how fast I deliver. So he wanted Meredith and Christy there right away. By 3:20, Meredith had arrived. I was in my room, sitting on my ball at the foot of my bed. Contractions were coming fast and with more intensity. Jim was a great comfort. He gave me lots of encouragement while massaging my shoulders. Christy arrived shortly after Meredith. She encouraged me to move to the toilet. There is when the contractions got really strong. My body seemed to pushing involuntarily. Meredith decided to check to see how far along I was. 9cm. At 4:30pm I moved from the toilet to the birth stool and starting pushing. After several hard contractions and pushes I remember thinking “I’m pushing so hard why isn’t he moving down?” Meredith and Christy calmed me and Meredith told me to feel the baby’s head. He was coming! Right before delivering, Meredith pried my death grip off of Jims arm so that he could catch our son. At exactly 5:00pm Josiah James Fortunato was born.

I had complications with the placenta, bleeding, and uterus not clamping down. Jim started to pray to our living savior Jesus. Christy and Meredith were both a bit worried but both stayed cool and calm. They quickly got the problems under control by doing what they were trained to do. A short while later I was in my own bed snuggled up with my newborn son.

The quality of care and compassion we received from both Meredith and Christy all throughout the pregnancy, during the birth, and after, was awesome. They are very skilled at what they do, extremely knowledgeable and we were treated more like family than like clients.

Having a homebirth was so special for us. Thank you Meredith and Christy for helping to bring Josiah into the world. He is our little blessing from the Lord Jesus and such a joy. We can’t wait to do it again! Lord Willing.

God Bless Jim and Cheyenne Fortunato