Birth Poem

A surge

Like summer thunder

Pounded the earth

Beneath my squatting legs,

Tearing open the seam

In the unseen curtain

Between dimensions

Of earth and spirit.

The elders peered with knowing curiosity

From the other side

To witness the sacred re-entry

Of one of their own.

Layers of logic and grace melt

In the swelter of sweat,

Removing the coat of commoner

To reveal the warrior within.

Heavy air vibrates

With the urgent call to fight

Another surge pounds,

Its power rushing upward

Through my feet, up my sturdy legs

And the warrior lets out her cry!

Within this shaft of mystery

Connecting heaven to earth beneath

I exist between dimensions

Chosen for this task.

Midwife calls me back into time

Partner holds tight

So the power can’t take me.

The bettles rises

In a ring of fire

Push, push, sweat and bleed

Soul and body unite and thrive

He is here, we have won,

The battle ceases instantly.

Energy stills

Into a blanket of peace.

At a moment one become two,

But still one, mother-child,

I give him my breast

He drinks.

by Charmaine Rusin,

mom of Reese, New Years Baby 2009 &

expecting baby number 2 January 2011