Baby Mose...the first of the full moon, solstice babies!

The full moon, lunar eclipse, winter solstice in December brought a bunch of babies this year. Three little ones in our practice were born within 36 hours and Anne was the first!

Anne, JD and big sister Tova welcomed little brother Mose to the world on December 19, 2010. Mose weighed in at 7lb 10 oz and he arrived on his own timeline. After a fast and furious first labor with her daughter, Anne experienced a very different pace this time as her labor began with the pull of the full moon breaking her waters for quite some time before active labor began.

She really welcomed and enjoyed the contractions as they came and worked beautifully and patiently with her baby, body and husband to birth her son right into her arms. Apparently only one layer of Anne's water bag had broken as Mose was born with the inner layer of the bag intact! We had to peel it off his face when he was born!

After the baby was out and settled in to bed to nurse, Anne and Tova sang him a song they had practiced--it was just so sweet and so perfect! The family is very glad they chose a homebirth this time around so they could let Anne's body take its time with moving into labor and having such a gentle birth and beginning for their son. Congratulations!