Baby is here!

Christy and Martin’s long awaited “pumpkin” is finally here!  We know that many of you have been anxiously awaiting the big news, so we wanted to post this brief update on the website. Christy delivered her 8lb 5oz daughter (name soon to be announced) on Wednesday, August 12, 2009 at 5:09 pm.  She entered the world bright eyed, alert and telling her story to all who were listening!

After weeks of starts and stops, 3 days of labor at home, and complete dilation for a very long time, "pumpkin" wasn't descending despite Christy’s most valiant efforts.  She had a “Mama’s intuition” that something wasn't right, because with the strongest, bearing down contractions, the baby seemed to be moving up in her belly instead of down.

Wednesday morning, the decision was made to go to the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania .  After more labor there, including 3+ hours of pitocin augmentation, it became clear that baby could not make her way safely into the world by being pushed out, and the decision was finally made to deliver by c-section.  Lo and behold, the baby's cord was very short - less than a foot long in total.  The doctors couldn't stop commenting on it, and it was the shortest cord Christy and the other midwives present had ever seen.  Poor little one was doing all she could but couldn't descend because there wasn’t enough length for her to make it out vaginally.  Thankfully, she had a super healthy placenta and mom and baby are doing great.  Daddy Martin is absolutely over the moon and adorable with the baby and is so proud of Christy.

Christy feels confident that she did everything possible to have her baby at home, vaginally, and it just wasn't in the cards for her this time.  Those who were with her were moved and inspired by her strength and determination. As her dear friend and midwife, Carrie Kimball, put it, “I wanted to share that as her midwife, being with Christy was the most incredible birth experience I have had. Her strength, determination and commitment was something to behold…My story is simply one of gratitude and thanks at being a part of such a profound process with a beautiful ending.”

It is an epic birth story.

The happy family arrived home on Sunday and is doing great. Baby is gorgeous, alert and nursing well and Christy and Martin are both overjoyed and enjoying the start of their babymoon. The outpouring of love and support they have received has been such a blessing.  They are so thankful for the incredible community of families we have here! The generosity everyone has demonstrated with meals, well wishes, offers of help and also gifts has been so appreciated and received in love and gratitude.

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Here is a gallery of a few favorite images. Check back soon for more.