Annaliese and her three big brothers!

Candy and Brad welcomed 9lb Annaliese Elizabeth on September 4th in the pre-dawn hours of the day. After a lot of anticipation as we determined if Candy's water had broken, once this baby decided it was her time she didn't mess around! After a very rapid transition, Candy gave just 2 pushes and sweet Annaliese was born in the water with her parents and Aunt Stacey welcoming her. Annaliese was wrapped up in her 36" (read LONG!) cord and was as surprised as we all were at her fast emergence from the womb. But she adjusted beautifully and after a few minutes of celebrating the birth of their fourth child, Candy and Brad celebrated having their first daughter as well! Big brothers Nolan, Gavin and Benjamin couldn't be more thrilled to have a little sister! What an amazing birth! Candy is a physician and it is always extra cool to have a doctor give birth at home! Welcome Annaliese!