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Prenatal, Birth, and Postpartum Care

Family Centered Midwifery Care

We provide traditional holistic midwifery care for mothers & families during the childbearing year.

Working with Motherland Midwifery isn’t just about the preparing for the planned homebirth, but rather engaging as partners in a different model of care for your prenatal, birth and postpartum experience. We talk about everything from nutrition and recipes, to remedies for the common challenges of pregnancy, to emotional health, to relationship challenges and of course we check for baby’s growth, position, and heart rate as well as mother’s vital signs and overall health and wellness.

We encourage partners and children or other important family or friends to be as involved and present during the prenatal care and birth as desired. We love our little midwife helpers and strive to involve the whole family in learning and preparing for the birth of the child and the special “babymoon” time after baby is born.

Schedule of Services

During Your Pregnancy, Birth and Postpartum

We love to work with families for as much of their pregnancy as possible! Many families come to meet with us before they are even pregnant so that the relationship can begin as early as possible after finding out their good news, others come to our practice much later in the pregnancy when they realize they are looking for more personal and holistic care. Relaxed hour-long prenatal visits occur in Motherland’s cozy home-based office, where you are often greeting by Christy’s children and a cup of tea. A thorough home visit takes place around 36 weeks and then we visit back in the office weekly until baby arrives. We believe that extra support in the postpartum period makes all the difference- we visit at 3 or more times in the first two weeks and then are in contact at least weekly through the 6 week office visit.

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