The Motherland Community

Connections through Pregnancy, Birth, and Beyond

The birth is just the beginning! The knowledge, skills and confidence you gain by being an engaged, active participant in your pregnancy care and birth will serve you well as you embark on your parenting journey. Having the continued support of your midwives and a diverse community of families who made similar choices for their pregnancy and birth, can make a huge difference as you move forward beyond the “fourth trimester” and your official end of care with our practice. We offer seasonal familiy potlucks, informational gatherings, film screenings and playdates. We also have an online forum to communicate with hundreds of other Motherland families to share information, resources, advice or just a compassionate, listening ear to the joys and challenges of pregnancy or parenting, as well as share pertinent information about local, state or national issues and events regarding maternity child health policy and access to midwifery care. Many in our community have created specialties in various healing modalities, childbirth education or doula or lactation support services, birth and family photographers, parenting coaching and more. The non-judgmental, safe space that we co-create is a truly special and long-lasting gift of joining this community!

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